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Article: Why you need a media management platform to support your growing online congregants

When houses of worship look to expand their media operations, size must be taken into account. In an exclusive piece for CFX’s newsletter, EditShare Regional Sales Manager Mike Mahoney discusses what small to mid sized churches should evaluate when looking to expand their media foundation. He delves into media infrastructures and how they can enhance production value as well as how strong media management platforms can simplify workflows. 

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Customer Story: Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Massachusetts College of Art and Design – usually known simply as MassArt – is a forward-looking visual and applied arts college in Boston. Founded in 1873, it’s the nation’s oldest art school, and the only publicly funded arts college in the United States. The college first installed EditShare over ten years ago. More recently the disruption caused by COVID-19 has accelerated the school’s journey into the cloud.

The pandemic and the subsequent shutdown in March 2020 meant that many students continued their studies either in a hybrid or remote setting. At first the school turned to WeTransfer but Briganti said “it was an awful way to work with video – we needed to find a way for students to remotely access their video in our local EditShare drives.”

Students shooting in the college’s studios on campus are able to upload to EditShare locally. Utilizing the FLOW media management solution makes that same material available from the cloud so that when they’re at home, they can edit without returning to the college.

“Some of our students are shooting at very high resolutions like 4K and 6K. They definitely don’t have the storage at home for that size of file, so they upload it into our EditShare server here and as soon as they do that, it’s available to them from any location. FLOW and AirFLOW solves the two problems of storage and working remotely”, said Briganti. “And this way of working isn’t just for the pandemic: it’s going to be our standard way of working into the future”.

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White Paper: Consideration for IT in Implementing Enterprise-Scale Media Storage

EditShare collaborative video storage and media management solutions can be found in media labs at hundreds of colleges and universities, the world over – from the Americas to Europe, from Africa to the Middle and Far East. The EFS storage and FLOW media management products enable dozens or hundreds of students, faculty members, and media staff to work directly and collaboratively off central storage for “in place” video editing and audio mixing, graphics and video effects design, video effects rendering, and much more. In the Americas, where college sports are hugely popular, EditShare installations are often shared between communications and athletics programs on opposite sides of a large campus. This document discusses some general EFS storage features that will help IT admins responsible for maintaining the storage system.

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Webinar Replay: Best Practices with EditShare and AWS

With fewer opportunities for in-person teamwork, collaborative, geographically-distributed media production workflows have quickly become a must-have for traditional and nontraditional producers of video. In this webinar recording, AWS and EditShare demonstrate how quickly and easily a cloud-based production studio can be spun up to connect teams all over the world.  They discussed the best practices in enabling cloud-based production with a focus on:

  • Scalable and cost-effective content production storage and media management on AWS
  • Balancing performance and capacity vs. cost
  • The ability to provide collaborative workflow environments with any mix of leading content tools
  • Open APIs for quick integration into media services and applications

See how easily an edit in the cloud environment can be provisioned and made operational in under an hour while hearing from AWS and EditShare technology leaders on best practices for production in the cloud.

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Live Webinar: Cloud Editing - Better, Faster, and Cheaper

EditShare has been hard at work looking at the economics and technical challenges of editing in the cloud, and they’ve had a breakthrough. Join EditShare’s CTO and CSO for this very special webinar, where they will showcase editing in the cloud with an innovation that reduces costs by up to 75%, without compromising the workflow experience you expect using the creative tools you love. Please register for your preferred session below:

June 24th: 9am Eastern Time, 6am Pacific Time - Session #1

June 24th: 2pm Eastern Time, 11am Pacific Time - Session #2

June 24th: 9pm Eastern Time, 6pm Pacific Time - Session #3

Live Webinar: Production, Group Editing, and Remote Workflows with Adobe Premiere Pro

Join EditShare and Adobe as they explore EditShare's updated Flow Panel for Premiere Pro and the new Adobe Productions collaborative workflow. They will review how Flow enhances and facilitates production for group and individual editors, on-prem or in the cloud. They will also take a look at Adobe Productions capabilities to manage projects, share assets, and keep editors organized.

Thursday, May 28th - 9am PT / 12pm ET - Session #1

Thursday, May 28th - 6pm PT / 9pm ET - Session #2

AirFlow - Secure Multi-Team, Multi-Location Video Production

EditShare AirFlow brings all the media sharing capabilities of Flow media management to secure multi-team, multi-location productions. The simple and intuitive web-based interface lets collaborators located anywhere in the world search, log, organize and play media content – as well as upload and download content directly to and from EditShare central storage systems.

Webinar: Skinny MAM - Tackling Workflow without the Overhead

Whether you are working in your office, remotely connecting from home, or working in the cloud, EditShare's Flow media management suite is available to help you manage your production workflow.

During tomorrow's webinar, EditShare will take you on a guided tour of:

• Flow Story, AirFlow, and Flow Automation

• Third-party integrations leveraging EditShare's open set of RESTful APIs - including the Flow/Zoom integration discussed in this recent blog post

• EditShare's updated Premiere Pro panel - available as part of Flow 2020.3

Please register for your preferred session below:

May 6th - 9am ET, 1pm UTC - Session #1

May 6th - 7pm ET, 11pm UTC - Session #2

Webinar: EditShare Extends Collaborative Editing into the Cloud

Join EditShare to see how video production can embrace the cloud today and unlock amazing potential moving forward. EditShare's EFSv platform provides virtualized video-editing and storage to help you seamlessly transition from on-premise workflows to optimized remote production workflow in the cloud.

EditShare will walk through the framework, setup, and ongoing management of your production environment in the cloud. They will discuss and demonstrate multi-vendor NLE support inclusive of multi-platform collaborative editing with intelligent locking and permissions capabilities as well as methods for clustering AWS instances to meet the scale-out variable requirements of bandwidth, storage, and multi-track editing in the cloud. And, they’ll give you a blueprint for starting small and growing as your needs grow. Join us as we work together to accelerate cloud deployments and increase productivity.

Please register for your preferred session below:

April 22nd - 9am ET, 1pm UTC - Session #1

April 22nd - 7pm ET, 11pm UTC - Session #2

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